I woke up from the bad side of the bed today.

And anytime I am having this feeling,

I will just give out something premium for free.

And this mail should be an answer to some of those questions I got yesterday.

And right now,

I am about to teach us “Why people get frustrated while selling.”

Yeah, that’s what you’re about to set your eyes on today.

Flat out.

Let me start with a very simple question:

Why Do People Argue Price With You?

  • Is it because you’re NOT rich?
  • Is it because you’re NOT competent?
  • Is it because you have an ugly face like me?

Well, people are just wicked.

Is that what you‘re mumbling right now?

You see, sometimes, it’s not about ugly face or anything in between.

It’s just about R-E-A-S-O-N-S

Follow me carefully.








You see, people argue price because of many reasons which I will be telling you later in this mail.

But before then, I hope you must have stolen one or two information from yesterday’s mail.

And if you’re new here, and you want to know this mail, please go here.

Now, listen to me please.

Listen to how people will NEVER pay you even if you’re valuable like Garry C Albert.

Yeah, these reasons are what many business owners don’t know.

And they’re still joking around….waiting for miracle to fall on their business.

But because you have set eyes on my mail today,

You’re hooked already (to start devouring the below values).

Frankly, people won’t pay you because of these 5 reasons:

  • No Need
  • No Urgency
  • No Desire
  • No Trust
  • No Money

Most times, I hate to give out information without telling you how to use it.

Sometimes, I like to keep you in darkness (to fix it by yourself).

But today, I won’t do the dark part.

So, let’s look at the first reason why people don’t buy/pay.

  1. NO –NEED

Before you go, ask yourself this question:

Why do you buy water every day?

It’s simple.

It is because you will die if you don’t drink water…120% guaranteed!

So, water is NOT wants (which you CAN do without).

Water is NEED (which NO f*cking body can do without).

And that’s why water is life.

But if I open a car shop today (amen)….which is not what you need right now;

You might NOT buy even if you have the money.

Yeah, it doesn’t mean you’re stingy to yourself.

It doesn’t mean you don’t like me.

It’s simple!

It’s just that you don’t need it.

But if someone decide to buy it for you, you will want it.

It’s what you want, NOT what you need.

But me?

I will sell the car, and I will buy a new crazy power bike (damn!)

Oh, I didn’t tell you.

I do feel manly while riding a bike.

But I will consider using a car when I am married (if I am still in Lagos). 


I hate unnecessary stress like Lagos traffic.

And very soon, I am gonna show you the human layers of need.

But before the day comes,

Let’s dive into the next reason why people don’t buy.

  1. – URGENCY

Okay, if you have read the previous mail before this,

By now, you should understand why people will NEVER buy from you…

…if you didn’t tell them what they will lose if they refuse to buy immediately (or before a specific date).

And a perfect example is when you tell a sexually weak man that…

…the sex enhancement product won’t be available in 2 months if he misses out this month.

But in all you do, let your “scarcity” be genuine.

Why am I telling you this?

Well, you can’t fool people twice.

If you deceive them today, you can’t deceive them tomorrow.

And if you have been following me, I hardly break my promise.

If I say you will pay more money if you miss this batch,

Trust me, you are gonna pay more.

That’s a little deviation though.

And please,

The next reasons are what I will be sharing with you tomorrow.

Don’t be annoyed with me.

Your friend is really stressed with daily chores.

And if you’re still upset, just leave me alone let me be.


I am NOT splitting my mail intentionally.

I am doing that to make it more understandable without hiding anything from you.

My email is a paid class on its own (no brag).

Please, kindly proceed to PART TWO of this blog post.

Or click here. 

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