Straight to the point.

Another reasons why people won’t pay you are:

  • And one thing I will be telling you later in this mail.

But let’s look into the third one which is “No Desire.”

In my previous mail,

I told you why people don’t buy because they don’t need what you’re selling.

But sometimes, people don’t buy because they need something.

Wait, don’t be confused.

You will understand better now.

But firstly, look at the new iphone flying all over the internet.

Is it something people can’t do without?

Hell No!

It’s D-E-S-I-R-E

It’s something they desire.

They have a good working iphone, but they still want the new one.

And if you study most people who desire this iphone,

Most of them don’t need it (but they desire it to show off or feel among).

Maybe, maybe NOT.

Because I see no huge difference between the new iphone and the previous one.

So, let’s just say “It’s Karimi”

Word Clarification:

Karimi means “Show Off”

So, if you’re selling anything, the next thing to do is to make people want it.

Make them desire it.

If they desire it, they are more likely to buy it.

And the next reason why people don’t buy is:



Why is it that you chose someone else when you’ve a friend who is selling…

…that same thing you went to buy outside?

And if we look at it closely, it could be:

  • You don’t trust him to deliver.
  • You are not sure if his product is quality.
  • And some other trust issue which are best known to you.

And honestly, you’re NOT a wicked human being.

In fact, you just did the right thing.

But if you want to make your friend happy, just tell him what you think is wrong in what he is doing.

And if he didn’t turn up, or up his business game,

Then you can ignore him and patronize Mummy Uchenna at the other street.

Even God won’t be angry with you.

And the last thing why people don’t buy which is:


In simple English,

If what you’re selling is nice, quality, and will help people live better;

People won’t buy it because of one thing which is MONEY.

Yeah, become anything you wanna be.

If people can’t afford your product/service, they won’t buy from you.

And it will NOW look as if you don’t know what you’re doing in life.

Charlie, just sell what your people can afford.

And if you want to charge high price when your audience are poor, then it’s up to you.

Is that all?

Well, I don’t think money is the last reason tbh.

Because sometimes, people won’t buy from you because they don’t like you.

Well, it’s true (and that’s what the KLT is all about).

K – people must know you (which is 100% correct)

L – people must like you (which is odd to you)

T – They must trust you (which is MORE reasonable)

But the “L” (like) didn’t make full sense to me

As in,

You are competent; you have good product and all,

Then your friends are still finding it hard to patronize because they don’t like you?

Heck, why are we like this?

Is it NOT stupidity to later buy from someone you like…

… and end up regretting it; simply because he/she is NOT competent?

Well, that’s their problem (and I won’t instruct you to drag them or abuse them).


It won’t solve the main problem.

And it will make it MORE critical for you to concentrate on those that want to buy from you.

Anyway, I hope you fully understand why people don’t buy?

If you don’t understand, kindly read from the beginning to understand better.

Enjoy your day, my good looking friend.


If you’re confused about what I have explained,

Or you feel like my head is NOT correct,

Kindly knock the door (to drop your question).

Then I will open it for you (and answer you).

If you’re still here, you will NEVER be unfortunate in life.

And don’t forget to pray for me too.

Now, I am NOT commanding you.

I am just saying I need prayer most especially from people I have never set my eyes on.

My grandmother told me something about far distance prayer.

She told me it’s one of those true prayers everyone need in life.

Anyway, I need to start my morning exercise now (starting  from 06:20 a.m)

I want you to try it too if it’s NOT too late. 

From your pen friend,

Abdulhameed. A. Elephchild

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