Dear fellow man,

Most importantly, let me issue this disclaimer.

There are some women out there that won’t agree with me. And it’s perfectly okay. 

And there are a lot of women who will definitely agree with my few points which I will be explaining to YOU. 

Firstly, women react and forgive differently.

And sometimes people cheat simply because the opportunity comes up and they jump at it.

In these particular cases, it’s more men who act on this than women because, as research has found…

Women Have To “Warm Up” To The Idea Of Cheating, While Men Does not. And Please, Not All Men Cheat Without Thinking Twice

Unarguably, a good number of people who cheat are men.

I am a man, so I don’t need to disagree with this. 

And let me make it clear because this is a sensitive issue.

Women tend to examine the risk they’re taking by cheating, whereas men, being wired differently, are less likely to think over and over again before making their move. 

So, let’s shoot, bro.

You will have to agree with me that men are not perfect creatures.

Carelessly, you broke your woman’s heart and you find it hard to make her smile again after you have been caught, right?

Worry less, the below clues, will show you how to make her see you as her prince charming once again:



Most women are like fire when they catch their lover cheating on them.

And this will swiftly add more pain to them.

So, as a man, you don’t want to be seen as such, right? 

That’s why you need to avoid this horrible situation when you find yourself in this mess.

And maybe you don’t understand the good that comes with raising your hands up in the air and declaring yourself as a horrible person before her. 

Come to think of it.

You have been caught, so why do you think defending yourself will make her believe you didn’t do it after cheating? 

The best advice you will get from me today is that:

Never defend yourself.


Show her how bad it is for her to get that cruel behavior from you.

Also, never get close to her at that moment because she might wipe you USB cord.

Moving on:

Let her pour out all her anger but be watchful (to avoid her hurting you or herself). 

In a nutshell, resist the urge to explain yourself.

Also, be quiet, and let her see you as someone who is guilty and ready to accept the whole blame.

Roger that?


After doing this successfully, you need to do the next thing I am about to show you below in the next paragraph.


Here, there are some women that will want an urgent explanation after you have cheated on them.

Some, NOT all!

So, if she portrays herself as one, please give it to her. 

And there is something you need to know during this honest discussion.

Flat out, if she has not been giving you sex, tell her the reason.

If it’s love and attention, kindly let her know. 

If it’s not sex, tell her she did nothing wrong.

You see, women are not fools.

Because if she truly and deeply loves you, she will find it easier to look into the reason if it’s something she can fully blame you on. 

And listen carefully.

It won’t be easy (because her trust for you is drowning in the sea).

So you must handle every conversation with care.

And let her know that it’s not her fault.

Also, tell her it’s 100% your fault and make her believe you in your tone that you are deeply and fully sorry.



This is a situation where you need to give her some space to clear her head to make some good decisions.

And you shouldn’t be gone for long though.


This moment will also make her see the sincerity in your actions (by not lying to her). 

Believe it or not, she will find it hard to make a wrong decision if truly she deeply loves you.

And as a man, I can tell you every woman has their own reason for needing space.

So you see, women are complex in nature.

But don’t take it so personally with them.

Instead, giving her space will help her, and it will help you see the good side of her (if truly she loves you).



And here, if you are trying to see the good side of her again, and not just an ordinary woman…

But from the woman you don’t want to lose for another woman – which you don’t want to keep…

Do I still need to tell you why you need to break up with the other wrong woman? 


And that is not all.

But before you break up with the (wrong) woman, be ready to show proof to the (right woman). 

Now, follow the steps below: 

Break up with her using text, and audio.

And most especially, create a video of yourself breaking up with her.

After that, send everything to the woman you truly want to keep. 

Follow instructions (properly) and say thank you to me later. 


Frankly speaking, it won’t be nice to be forgiven and still remain a cheat.

And this might make her lose interest in you totally (plus using my format might not work for you again). 

So, Mr man, be extremely careful!


Rebuilding love is changing from bad to good.

And a lot will definitely change when she observed how faithful you are after she has forgiven you. 



This is hard for many people to do.

But, it’s the easiest thing to do to make her trust you again.

Please listen to this:

If she still has some pains hiding in her, she will start coming up with rules and regulations which might provoke you to ignore her totally. 

Trust me, she is a baby (treat her like one).

And remember, you are the one in the wrong.

So, you should resist the urge to be aggressive to her (trying to make her feel you develop the courage to be defensive). 

And funnily enough, she might be trying to stare at your phone screen maybe you are still reaching out with the other woman. 

In this case, I will urge you to end any suspicious motives (most especially if she is around you).

And you might have to REMOVE THE PASSWORD on your mobile phone to clear her doubt. 

And if you think it’s difficult for you to do, then you shouldn’t blame her if she started taking it far with you again.

Godspeed in your relationship life.

Abdulhameed. A. Elephchild.


Please, share this blog with your male friends who are struggling to get their lovers back.

And they will NEVER forget your name…EVER!


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