How To Sack Your Boss And Get Ahead In Life🏋️‍♂️

Hey Abdulhameed, do I need to quit my job before I learn Copywriting from you?  

Just tell me what to do, then I will quit instantly and get your paid course RIGHT NOW.

Me: I have good and sad news for you.

Please, for God’s sake, read from start to finish.

Starting point:

The word “FIRE YOUR BOSS” does not mean you should visit the biggest firearm store to purchase a pistol to bring down your boss to death. 

Please, don’t do that (unless you want to research how cool the breeze of the prison room is).

You see, firing your boss should be 100% possible if you can handle things like me. 

And here, you need to get the broad explanation below:

What Exactly Is “Fire Your Boss?”

Firing your boss means you can no longer rely on your manager for financial security. 

Instead, you must put yourself in charge of your working life. 

Truthfully, you can’t fire your boss in a hurry (but he needs to be fired).

Yes, of course, you need to fire him/her!

And just like a toxic partner…

You need to press the dump key to allow him/her to move out of your life. 

And the employment status of your boss can’t be altered easily (but you can achieve that).

So, leaving your job is a reasonable way to fire your boss.


If you are feeling squeezed in your place of work, then learning these methods below will do you amazing benefits: 

And as you are about to read the next paragraph, read with caution please.

This Is How To Sack Your Boss And Get Ahead In Life

This is going to be the best paragraph you will read throughout this year. 

So take a deep breath and comfortably relax your back. 

You see, I have seen a lot of people (especially on social media) feeling proud about the sort of job they are into (even if they don’t like it)

Sounds so crazy, right?

And I have also seen a lot of young minds making a solemn promise to be diligent in their job, even if it will cost them huge losses. 

Okay, let me make it short and simple for you.

Please listen carefully, because I will only ask a few simple questions — to know if that place of work is your favorite place to work.

Just (3) questions to open your mindset to reality.

3 Questions That Will Make You See Your Boss As Someone That Should Be Fired

See, you can fire him without regret. 

But I am scared if you can handle these 3 questions without answering it wrongly.

Now, are you scared?

You don’t have to be, my dear dazzling friend. 

Before I tell you, how would you feel if you wake up one Monday morning, pick up your phone, and you confidently tell your boss…

Fxck You Boss, I Am Not Coming Back To Work Again Because I Can’t Cope With Your Ill-Treatment?

You will feel happy, right? 

And what if I tell you the 3 questions that will change your life forever, will you appreciate it? 

Well, these 3 questions made me realize I can’t be working like an elephant and be receiving an ant salary. 

And heck!

How would you be working like an elephant and collecting a salary that won’t be ENOUGH to take proper care of yourself? 

That is so crazy!

Well, My 3 Questions Are The Most Powerful Words That Will Make You Become Free Without Worrying About The Situation In Your Country

And I have decided to teach you how to sack your boss without regretting it.

But before that, let me tell you a sad story.

In 2018, I was almost caught by BOKO HARAM in the battleground (in a desert area not very far from sambisa forest, Maiduguri, Nigeria).

You see, whenever we are fighting…

I do fight with my rifle and I make sure I am always with my communication gadget to keep other people safe.

Because why?

Without a radio man (signal man)…the life of other soldiers won’t be safe.

So, communication Is The Most Important Things To Consider Before Landing On The Battle Field

And that was why I joined the signal department.

And yes, I was doing double work, but with a single salary not up to N50,000. 

Honestly, you might find it hard to believe. 

Anyway, interacting with people and trying out new things is what I love. 

And I was not the best radio man in the signal platoon. 

But, being crazy is what made me DIFFERENT even without going to signal course.  

So please, I want you to understand something today. 

Hey, listen. I didn’t leave my first job because of my poor salary.

In fact, fighting is my passion. 

And I swear to God, I can still go back and fight if Nigeria can give me a genuine reason why I should die for this country. 

And I love to fight most especially if it is something that will bring peace to me and my people. 

But because of my selfish reason…

Which means:

I don’t want to fight, to die, and be forgotten, just like how this government forgot my friends and their families.  

So having said that, I didn’t leave because of my poor salary. 

But I left because I was betrayed!

You see, I don’t believe in passion alone.

Personally, I do believe in CHANGE OF PASSION.

Because one day, I was promised a new rank if I fought and came back alive.

But, the Army deceived me. 

And I am only speaking for myself. 

I lost my best friend to bomb explosion early in the morning. 

His aim was to fight and come back with a new rank to feel stronger to fight again. 

But, after we captured villages, after I lost my best friend (and some other warriors) to death…

The Army told us we were too young to be promoted.

Well, still, I didn’t leave because of that.

One Saturday afternoon, after we lost some soldiers after an attack in different location, this is what a good commander said: 

Hey Soldiers. Y’all should listen up! If you know you can’t fight with your last blood, drop our rifle and leave now! And if you leave, many civilians are ready to join the Army to fight fearlessly.

IMMEDIATELY, my weapon became heavier.

And I couldn’t lift it up like before. 

Moving on:

I started losing focus on my communication skills. 

But no one notices except God.

And I almost got myself killed in another attack.

Because why?

I don’t have the energy to keep moving like before. 


This is not me. 

I was helpless. 

And I couldn’t even load 60 bullets within 1 minute again.

Bad side:

I almost got EVERYONE killed when I couldn’t communicate to the jet man effectively. 

And I cried to God to help me. 

And he did. 

Gradually, that was how I lost my passion for the best thing I know how to do in my life. 

And there is something you must understand about my passion. 

But for you to understand better, I will briefly link it up with women.

You see, when you fall in love with a woman and she doesn’t show a sign of love to you…

Even after trying everything in the whole world to get her to be interested in you…

Then there is something you must do if you want to live happily. 





And you must ask yourself why she is not reciprocating most especially if she knows you are valuable.

You see, that woman can never value you even after saying Yes.

Giving up is good too (if you can’t see fortune in where you are going in life).

And these are the 3 questions you must ask yourself if you MUST quit your job:

  1. If you ever won a lottery, would you quit your job?
  2. Do you always feel mentally and physically unhealthy? 

Or you can’t stop checking your wrist-watch even before the closing hour?

  1. Do you always have that feeling of “I am damn freaking tired” even before you wake up, or set for work?

If you have answered YES to those questions…

Then you need to quit immediately; most especially if you have an alternative means to SURVIVE.

You see, if you win a lottery and you feel the need to quit your job…

Then that job is not as valuable as working for the next 35 years in that same job.

Take it or abandon it.

And if you are always tired before you resume your place of work…

Then I am here to tell you that your job is not adorable to you.

Why is it so?

People give much attention to what they adore. 

And same goes for working too. 

We find so much happiness in what we idolize. 

And this is why it is easier to trace lazy and hardworking employees in an organization.

Perpetually, do you feel weak every day (even before you wake up from bed) to get yourself ready for the task ahead of you?

Or do you feel so uneasy to step your legs to the entrance of your working place? 

If your answer is YES, you need to start preparing how to fire your boss.

And if you have read to this juncture, you are such an amazing being. 

And you deserve a trophy.

Abdulhameed. A


You may have the most wonderful boss in the world but that doesn’t mean you should neglect your dream…

Just because you want to serve him/her for the rest of your life. 

Anyway, I understand your notion which goes “everyone can’t be boss”. 

But here is my question:

Are you everyone?

Although, I am a good supporter of “serve someone in a better way, for someone to serve you too.”

On the flip side, it’s even better to serve your boss – to understand the position of a boss. 

But, it’s outrageous to serve your boss for the rest of your existence hoping to get the life you truly want.

No one…

No one has ever inherited a job unless a man whose dad has a longer leg in the affairs of the company he holds.


If you don’t have other means of survival, don’t be in a hurry to fire your boss. 

Please I beg of you, half bread is always better than none

You see, I planned before I left the ARMY. 

But some of my course mates didn’t see that. 

So, they make mistakes after seeing that ELEPHCHILD has moved. 

In a nutshell, they were so FOOLISH! 

Jollof Note: 

Having a problematic job is better than being idle, sitting every day at home doing nothing.

Until you have an alternative, don’t fire your boss (except if it is going to direct you to the death pit of life)

And please, I don’t need you in my class if you think firing your boss is what you should do, if you haven’t escape what I have explained above. 

But if you are NOT happy with your job, and you have an alternative…that won’t make you regret…

Then I am damn sure that I can help you become better. 

You have my word. 

Now, say after me: 

I will fire my boss, and I will rise beyond the sky boundary. 

I will rise above the sky limit, and I will surely become an amazing boss too.