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✅   Activate the “EUD-MODE” to make her sexually attracted to you (no man on earth is currently using this because I invented it). 

✅   How to be mysterious (the needle mover) to make her seek more of your attention, just like pure gold. 

✅   How ANY shy guy can start a conversation without racking his brain, without turning his crush/GF off at all. 


Attention is your most valuable asset as a man. 

And over 90% of men don’t know when and how to give it out without making a silly mistake.

✅   Mystery behind why women reject 99% of men by saying they’re NOT ready for a relationship; and why they often end up breaking their rules for 1% of men. 

✅   The most effective way to make her start having the feeling of “what are we now?” after a few days of meeting her…

Without asking her out at all. 

✅   Crazy ways to tease your crush/GF before she goes to bed to build an emotional bond and positive connection.


Never try this if you don’t have romantic feelings for her though. 

✅   Why appearing single will MOSTLY never get you the desired woman of your choice (I call this the “pussy attract pussy” principle)

✅   How to subtly reveal your anger in a conversation (without shouting at her) – making her feel guilty and RESTLESS until she seeks forgiveness from you. 

✅   Develop seduction skills and techniques for a healthy, accepted relationship (making you escape silly dating mistakes).

And a lot of “flirting ideas” which you’ll probably not find on this sales page.

Dear curious man, 

Being in this premium love mastery community will teach and guide you on…

How you can make a lady (even if she’s your crush) invest in you subconsciously. 

For instance:

According to Stanford Sociologist Michael Rosenfeld,

The latest statistics shows that 70 out of 100 relationships experience a breakup within their 1st year of dating.

And what could be the reason? 

They fell in love, instead of FEEL in love. 


Fall = moving from a high point to the lowest point without control. 

And when you fall in love with a lady, automatically, you become powerless!

Okay, wait.

Do you know why most men HARDLY move on after heartbreak? 

It’s pretty simple. 

Most people (over 80%) have had their hearts broken at some point in their lives.

Surprisingly, new research from Binghamton University has it that:

Women suffer greater emotional and physical agony after a breakup than men, 

But they recover faster!

And yeah, women stand to lose more if they date the wrong person. 

Plus a woman’s loss of a high-quality mate “hurts” more than a man’s.

But on the other hand, men HARDLY recover from their traumas. 


Because most men are wired to compete for women’s love and attention.

And the loss of a good mate for a man may not “hurt” as much at first…

…according to research from Binghamton University.

But slowly, later…

Most men will start competing to replace what they have lost!


They’ve less value in the sexual marketplace.

Or worse yet, they’ll come to the awareness that the loss is irreplaceable.

And subconsciously…

The man will likely feel the loss deeply and for a long time.

So how can you attract, date, and NEVER have to worry about heartbreak in your life again? 

Start using “Guarded Love” to remain unbreakable as a man. 

And this is why in the love mastery community…

You’ll be introduced to:

✅Many new templates you can use to build your value as a man…not only in dating but in every aspect of life.

✅The most effective tricks to use if you want her to reveal her HORRIBLE PAST to you without asking her directly.

✅How to pass a woman’s loyalty test (she’ll consciously & subconsciously keep testing you to be sure if she can trust your judgement).

✅Best way to easily know and avoid a gold-digger no matter how smart she is. 

Mystery part? 

Some will never ask you for money immediately. 

But they’re more deadly than those who’re confident enough to ask. 

✅The emotional-stimulating & psychological questions to ask your crush/GF (especially online) to make her see you as fun and knowledgeable. 


You’ll NEVER find these questions anywhere else (I invented it) and they work supremely well. 

✅What to quickly do if you meet the woman you like to wipe off the “he’s after my pants mentality” and gain her trust easily.

✅You see, women don’t want to be chased at all! Why? 

Chase = desperate like a dog. 

Instead, use the “attraction pattern” to stand out from other men, faster. 


Feeling in love is a way of loving someone while being cautious of potential betrayal.

In other words…

When you feel in love, you’ve started using guarded love to remain unbreakable.

In this context:

Guarded love means being extremely careful and protective…Especially in matters of your precious heart.

Now, don’t get it twisted at all!

You’ll be open to developing romantic feelings.

And you’ll enjoy being in love with someone.

But, the simple difference is that: 

You’re MINDFUL of the risks involved in opening up emotionally.

And this is what you didn’t understand in the past (which served you premium breakfast/heartbreak)


Even if you’ve fallen in love already, and your relationship has lasted over 1 year, just watch it!

Because you may be a step away from experiencing an extremely painful heartbreak (soon).

And this is not a matter of God forbid.

Plus it’s not even a trick to scare you in any way.

Rather, it’s an urgent call for you to do all it takes to graciously GUARD your heart. 

Because it’s so delicate and precious to be messed with.

Now how can you guard your heart even if you deeply love your partner?

By investing in GAME.


Learning how to gain leverage or stay in an advantageous position in your relationship.

More of what you’ll keep learning in the love mastery community?

✅You’ll discover the biggest RULE in dating that you should never go against (this sounds so simple, but over 90% flunked it)

✅The best trick to use on her if you wanna know if she’s living a fake life (hint: you can use this to know if she’s all about your money). 

✅How to make her stay glued to you by not doing what other men have been doing (plus why most men are simps/pushovers by following societal rules).

✅And more continuous updates on the latest non-theoretical teachings on Dark Mysteries & Game as society keeps evolving.

✅Plus much…much more.

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