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And how can you use his “over 100 money simple secrets” which he used to launch a “multi-million naira online business” for himself and clients…

WITHOUT taking order from any boss at all (seriously!)

WITHOUT depending on luck (nor a flash from heaven). 

WITHOUT fasting & midnight prayer.

And how did he achieve this (in less than 3 months) WITHOUT a UNIVERSITY DEGREE and without stepping out of his room in this poor & broken struggling economy?

This is him in 2016 (in Maiduguri - near sambisa forest)…financially broken, brutally ugly, DIRTY, depressed & afraid of untimely death!

Need More Confession?

In 2020 during President Muhammad Buhari’s tough regime…

My pretty girlfriend broke up with me because of another rich, handsome, tall & dark guy!


Let me say it’s not her fault…

Because how do you expect a hardworking lady to date a confused & sad guy with no financial bright future? 


We both know that this is 99.99.99% impossible (in this generation). 

So one day…

I angrily left the Nigerian Army without looking back at all. 

And this is mainly because…

I was betrayed EVEN AFTER I endured 48,000 naira monthly salary for over 5 life-threatening years. 

Saddest part? 

I lost 2 of my best friends to a bomb explosion, without savings at all, and without having money to send to my lovely family who were looking up to me!

I became depressed, HATED myself, and almost commit suicide despite how strong-hearted I am!


Hi, my name is Abdulhameed. A. Elephchild.

Before I left…

I know I’ll surely be financially free and great in life. 

However, I can say the Army is not a place I’m destined to remain. 

And a few months after I left peacefully?

I found this money booster from my mentors (who personally trained me). 

And boom!

I was able to help businesses create a loyal and eager to buy customers…

Using my real-life experience (both in the military & business industry) to achieve this for them. 

And to give back to society (to help more struggling serious people)…

I was able to teach over 100 successful students this simple money-booster…

Which has drastically improved their lives financially.

You should not believe me for now…carefully listen to what few of my clients are saying about me:

"Hey man. My guys later informed me about the ongoing campaign. We crossed $8,000 in sales. Let's do more. You are loaded, man."
Mr Kelvin Anthony
CEO - Femtex Lube Solution

Also, I penetrated into the Football Market. 

And despite having no knowledge on how a football game works….

I was able to craft a compelling copy that’s currently doing well in the market. 

And here is what the course creator has to say:

This guy (Elephchild) is too good at what he does. If you’re looking for a copywriter to EXPLODE your business, IT IS HIM. If you’re looking to learn copywriting from scratch, IT IS HIM. Don’t say I’ve never done anything for you 👍🏼
Edmund Oris
The Number 1 Football Podcaster In Nigeria

Also, I smashed a copy that was bringing in 1-3 sales per day. 

Then I tripled the conversation rate almost immediately. 

And later…

The copy flew through the window and did over 10 Million naira in less than 1 month. 

Here’s what the founder has to say:

“We were making 2 to 3 sales per day. And with humility, this guy ‘Elephchild’ reached out to me on a faithful day with the intention to beat my current copy. Then sales went from 3 per day to 7-10 per day (over 10 million naira within 30 days). I was totally amazed!”
Mr. Daniel Emmanuel
Founder: Solartex solution

He is not the only one. 

Here is what Mr Samson Ikudaisi (one of my clients)

Who made 9 Million Naira in sales (from November 2021 to January 2022 alone) sent to me after he launched his product.

We have spent N860,000 on ads from November to January. And we have made 9Million Naira in sales. I like one thing about you. You're smart and hardworking.
Mr Samson Ikudaisi
CEO - Samtech Motor Co.Ltd

And after using my copywriting skill to revive the Page of Mrs Durojaye Kemi…

Plus turning cold conversation to heart- to-heart-talk that later generates more traffic and massive engagement for her. 

Then she was able to record more progress within 1 month.

Here is what she said after 30 days of working with her:

I checked the progress of the page, and I so much love what you are doing. Most especially the engaging part.
Mrs. Durojaye Kemi
CEO - Latest Fashion Co

Also, I have helped the “Alliance Auto Spare Part” brand in Lagos to improve their marketing game. 

And despite having good guys who were bringing sales…

I was able to scale their business from 1 Million Naira to 6 Million within 2 months in 2022. 

And here is what the CEO said about me:

Abdul is a smart and humble guy. I love his ability to calmly listen to problems and solve them within a few hours. And he took us from 1 Million Naira - over 6 Million Naira monthly. Also, he taught 3 of our sales guys about marketing in a unique way.
Mr. Julius David
CEO & Co-Founder @Alliance Auto Ltd